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Videos.com is a free video search engine that indexes millions of online videos from all across the web! We didn't invent online video search, we just made it simpler, faster, and more dynamic, with instant access to thousands of new videos added daily.

Videos.com membership is 100% free with, no credit card needed to join! Registered members get a permanent username for our live chats, plus the ability to save unlimited videos to their private playlist. Playlist videos can be watched from any computer with an Internet connection without downloads.

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About Us

Videos.com is a free video search engine that indexes millions of online videos from all across the web! We didn't invent online video search, we just made it simpler, faster, and more dynamic, with instant access to thousands of new videos added daily.

Tips And Tricks

  • Use quotes to narrow your search (i.e. "stars").
  • Type [site] to only show videos from a particular site (i.e. dailymotion).
  • Type [site] [query] to only search a particular site (i.e. dailymotion music).
  • Type [query] no [site] to exclude videos from a particular site (i.e. music no dailymotion).
  • Type new [query] to only search in newly added videos (i.e. new music).
  • Type popular [query] to only search in popular videos (i.e. popular music).
  • Type long [query] to only search in videos which are over 10 minutes long (i.e. long music).
  • Type highest rated [query] to only search in highest rated videos (i.e. highest rated music).
  • Type adult [query] to only search in adult videos (i.e. adult girls).
  • Type how to [query] to search instructional videos (i.e. how to fix cars).
  • Click on the New Videos tab for all videos added in the last 24 hours.
  • Click on the Popular Videos tab for today's most popular videos.
  • Click on the Long Videos tab for all videos over 45 minutes long.
  • Click on the Highest Rated tab for all videos rated 4 stars and above.
  • Click on the Being Watched tab for the top 25 videos being watched right now. User beware, clicking on the Click here to refresh link at the top of that page can be dangerously addicting!
  • Each video has its own live chat room. If you see more than one person watching any video, feel free to say hi.
  • To skip the searchbox altogether, you can type any video search directly into your browser's URL bar, followed by .videos.com (i.e music.videos.com for music videos, new.videos.com for new videos, long.videos.com for long videos, etc.). Use a period instead of a whitespace to separate each word of your query (i.e. to search for "rap music", you would enter rap.music.videos.com). Our Url Search™ feature works with all web browsers, and does not require plugins or toolbars.

Mobile Videos

In order to watch most online videos, you will need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player plugin installed with your web browser. If you are using Apple's Iphone, Ipad, or Ipod products, you will be limited to using Apple's QuickTime video player, because Flash is not currently supported on those devices. To find all videos compatible with non Flash enabled mobile devices, search for "mobile videos" or go to m.videos.com. You can also search in these videos directly by typing "m [query]" in the search box, so if you want to search for "cars" in mobile videos, you would enter: m cars.

Rating Videos

Users can rate videos on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest. To rate a video, click on the appropriate number of stars above that video on the video player page. All videos with an average rating of 4 or more stars are listed under "Highest Rated" videos.

Linked Content

The thumbnails and videos displayed as search results or linked to by Videos.com are developed by people over whom Videos.com exercises no control. The search results that appear on Videos.com are generated by Videos.com's automated processes, and Videos.com cannot and does not screen the search results before they are included in the indices from which search results are generated. You can view the website where each video is being hosted by hovering your mouse over its thumbnail, or above the embedded video player where each video is being shown.

If you find images or videos on Videos.com that might be deemed universally objectionable, or if you don't want any of your videos to appear on Videos.com, please report it to us by clicking on the "Report This Video" link below the video player in which each video appears on our website. Please read our Terms Of Service for more details regarding our content and policies.

Live Chat

One of our goals is to help connect users who have similar viewing habits. Each video has its own private live chat room which can be used by anyone watching that video. All live chat rooms on Videos.com are accessible to everyone, so please do not post anything that you do not want to share with the whole world!

Adult Content

To be a true video search engine, we index all videos regardless of content and subject matter. In order to view adult content, you must turn off the Adult Filter by checking "Yes" for the Show Adult Content option under the search box (cookies and JavaScript should enabled in your web browser to use this feature). You must also certify that you are over 18 years of age, as minors are not allowed to view adult content. Although we make every effort to filter out adult content in video search results and live chats, we strongly advise parents to supervise their children while they are using this website.

We Want Your Feedback

Videos.com is a reflection of its users. From our keyword suggestion tool which ranks each suggestion based on the number of times it was searched, to indexing hard to find videos in the Tagalog language, we are what our users want to find. If we missed that mark, or there is something more you would like to see, please let us know.